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Oden Wood Recycling

Oden Wood Recycling will service all organisations. We can collect all commercial wood waste including pallets, wood packaging and hazardous wood wastes.

Do you have a problem with disposing of waste wood? Oden Wood Recycling will service all organisations and can collect a variety of wood waste or wood products. One off, to regular collections, we cater for all wood recycling requirements.

We are cheaper than a skip with the advantage of our van collection service (this means a skip permit isn't required). All collections of wood waste are accompanied by a waste transfer note.

Wood Recycling Collection Services

Small and medium collections are carried out by our vans which can move 18 cubic yards.

Our vans are square in shape which enables loading capacity to be significantly increased. Due to the shape of skips there is a lot of wasted space, therefore increasing fees.


We ask for location and either a picture of the wood to be disposed of, or in the case of pallets a count. Suitable time and date will be agreed, we can normally collect within 2 days.

Our driver will arrive, load the vehicle, supply paperwork and leave the site.

Our drivers are trained to maximise loading capacity and minimise air space. Van wood collections are useful for construction waste wood, manufacturing of wood products, corporate’s with pallet and packaging residues.

No Landfill Policy

Our wood is either reused or is sent for EFW (Energy from Waste). With our assurance of adherence to the waste hierarchy, you can be confident that no wood will ever end up in landfill.

Many corporate organisations require our service to meet their Corporate and Social responsibilities.

Let us know what you have to dispose of

Fill out the enquiry form, email or phone us. Tell us what you have and approximate volume.

We understand that estimating volume and classifying wood can be tricky, feel free to send a picture to allow us to assess the collection.

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Areas We Cover


South Somerset

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Waste Carriers Licence

Wood waste we can collect

We can collect clean Grade A wood to Grade D Hazardous wood. Please see below for a guide to wood waste grades:

Grade A: Clean "Clean" recycled wood material produced from pallets and secondary manufacture etc.
Grade B: Industrial Feedstock Industrial feedstock grade including Grade A material plus construction and demolition waste.
Grade C: Fuel Grade This is made from all of the above material plus that from municipal collections and civic amenity sites.
Grade D: Hazardous Waste This includes all grades of wood including treated material such as fencing and track-work and requires disposal at special facilities.